Monday, August 16, 2010

Various Ways of Enjoying Green Tea

Not many people like having green tea, since there is not much flavor in it. This post is especially for such people.
Try combining green tea with different spices and see the difference for yourself.

1. Cardamom Green Tea - 
   Add a crushed cardamom to your cup of green tea and see the difference. Not only is your green tea flavorful but you also get the benefits of cardamom along with your cup of tea.

2. Clove Green Tea - 
  Add a whole clove or a crushed clove to your green tea and see the difference.

3. Fennel/Saunf Green Tea - 
  Slightly grind few saunf/fennel seeds and add them to your green tea.

4. Mint Green Tea - 
  Add few leaves of fresh pudina/mint to your green tea.

Personally, cardamom green tea is my favorite. Hope, this post encourages you to try a cup of green tea!!!


  1. green tea is my favorite ...tried with cinnamon but never tried with rest ...thanks for sharing btw i too had a green tea post on my blog ..


  2. Try adding some Vanilla flavour... works wonders!



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