Friday, November 5, 2010

Celebrating Regional Cuisine (Nov 5th to Dec 31st)

Across the world, there are a number of regions and every region is known for its local cuisine. Based on the geographical location, culture, fresh produce, religion there are a number of regional delicacies. Roughly speaking, India alone has hundreds of regional dishes which our grandmothers and mothers make.

These days, one hardly gets to spend time with grandparents and listen to stories from them, about how they used to make elaborate preparations for each and every festival. I am a Telugu girl, born in Rayalseema, a region in Andhra pradesh. Groundnut/Peanuts are the staple produce in this area and hence, most of our dishes have a hint of groundnut in them. Ragi sankati and natu kodi kura, sajja/sadda rotte are just a few of the regional delicacies of my native place, Ananthapur.

This being my first event, me and my husband thought a lot and we wanted to host an event, in which anyone could participate, irrespective of their background and at the same to provide a platform to share the regional delicacies with one and all. This event also gives an opportunity to highlight the old traditional recipes which are not known to many in the present generation.

"Celebrating Regional Cuisine" - this is the event I am starting.

To participate in the event, post a recipe which is a local/regional delicacy. Also, a small write up on the origin of the dish explaining the background and prominence is appreciated. A few points to be noted down:
1. The recipe can be veg/non veg, include a picture of the dish
2. Mail the following details to
    Name of the Dish:
    URL of the dish:
    Your name:
    Blog Name:
3. Non bloggers can directly mail the recipe along with a picture of the dish to the above mentioned id.
4. Please provide a link to this event announcement in your post and also feature the logo of the event.

Please find the round up of this event here.


  1. lovely event is it from any country or regions in India
    happy hosting
    check out the event in my site too

  2. This event is to highlight the regional cuisines all over the world, Akheela!!
    I am already in the process of figuring out a dish for your food pallet event - red, will soon be sending my entries to that :)

  3. hey lovely announcement.......count me in

  4. I will be sending my entry soon. Happy hosting..

  5. Hi Sujana,

    I shall send something soon dear..:)


  6. Hey nice event...
    A quick question though.... Do i have to send only my region recipes or can i send other regional recipes i know... say like maharastrian?

    Please let me know :)

  7. As long as you are familiar with the prominence of the dish and the region it belongs to, it is ok. You need not have to be part of that region :)

  8. Hey Sujana
    Nice thought to promote the regional dishes .How long will this event be open ,I mean what is the deadline.

  9. Sorry it think its mentioned in the pic !!! font in my laptop was too small got it ..

  10. Another quick question... i am so sorry am bugging u... :)
    But i am making an assami dish tomorrow but i dont anything about the prominence of the dish. So that is not accepted right?


  11. This event is to highlight those dishes which are losing their identity, this is just a small step to bring to light the age old regional dishes, if you think the dish fits this description, you are more than welcome to send the details to me, Tahemeem

  12. Got it Sujana... will not bug u more :)
    Thank you...

  13. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Will include your event in my events calendar.

  14. Great Event ... Expect my recipe soon.

    Visit me when you are free. I ll be hosting an event next month starting Nov 15 .... hope to see your recipe for that ...

  15. I love Andhra food, nice event will try to send in mine. You can announce your event in my Events Blog


  16. Hi Nice event.Will try to join:)

  17. count me in

  18. Just sent u a mail with my entry :)

    u can also check out the event happening at my blog... MEC started by srivalli

  19. hi sujana, have mailed you my entries. hope you will like them.



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