Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Awards Time

I received my first award in October from Chaitrali Pathak and then the second one from Gayathri. Thank you Chaitrali and Gayathri for the lovely awards. The award they had passed on to me had a rule attached to it - asking me to pass the award on to 15 other blogger friends. Since, my first award was a great source of inspiration, I was on the hunt to find new budding bloggers, on to whom I could pass the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. Finally I think, I have found the deserving blogs that need to be highlighted.

I am handing over the 'One Lovely Blog Award' to the following 14 bloggers, do check out their lovely blogs, when time permits.

1. Mehnaz from 'Chef Naaz - The Mistress of Spices'
2. Tahemeem from 'Tahemeem's Blog'
3. Archana from 'The Mad Scientist's Kitchen'
4. Nisa Homey from 'Cooking Is Easy'
5. Deesha from 'Vegetable Platter'
6. Indian Spice Magic
7. Hasna from 'Kachuss Delights'
8. Joyti from 'Darjeeling Dreams'
9. Roshan from 'Roshan's Cucina'
10. Kavita from 'Seasoned & Dressed'
11. Pavani from 'Food Lovers'
12. Smitha from 'Essence-De-Life'
13. Ayush from 'Kejriwal's Kitchen'
14. Latha from 'A Peek Into My Kitchen'

The 'Sunshine Award', was passed on to me by Chaitrali Pathak. Do check out her blog 'I am not a Chef'and I am thankful to Chaitrali for the lovely award and would love to share this award with all my blogger friends.


  1. Congratulations on recieving your first award, which will always be special to you and I wish you many many more.

  2. Thanku sooo much Sujana! This is my first award and u knw how special it means to receive it! Thanku soo much again! :)

  3. Thnk u Sujana!!ma first one too...& it means a lot to me....

  4. Congrats Sujana !!!! May it rain awards !!!

    Thanks for passing it to me ... It means a lot

  5. Congrats Sujana and thanks for passing to me....keep rocking!!!

  6. Hey Congratulations.Thanks a lot sujana for sharing this lovely award with me !!!

  7. congrats on ur awards and thanks for sharing dear..

  8. Congratulations on ur award and thanks a lot for passing it to me :) Yay!!! Receiving awards is exciting....

  9. Congrats dear..wish you many many more

  10. Congrats .Thanks for sharing the award with me.

  11. Hi Suja,

    Thanks you so much I am so flattered - am glad you like what I do :-))))

  12. Thanks Sujana! I am really flattered. This is the first time that anyone other than family or friends have appreciated my experiments. Now I need your help hoe do I display it on my blog?

  13. Hi Archana,
    Can you shoot a blank email to worldofsujana@gmail.com, I can guide you :)

  14. congrats on the award and thanx a ton for passing it on to me...





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