Friday, July 30, 2010

Some thoughts on sanitization

Sanitization is defined as - 'to make sanitary, as in cleaning or disinfecting'. Yesterday I was watching a segment related to sanitization in Rachel Ray show and even after the show was over, I kept thinking about it over and over again...
Here are some excerpts from the show...
- The germs in our mouth get transferred onto the toothbrush we use to brush our teeth. On a toothbrush, when tested, there were around 1700 colonies of germs.
- A kitchen counter top when tested, had around 1200 colonies of germs on it
- A telephone had far more number of germs on it...

My first reaction was... how gross !!! Then came the shocking revelation that, whenever we flush the toilets, without closing the lid, the germs can shoot upto 20 feet into the air and land on the surrounding areas. Which means that few of the germs in the toilet find their way onto the things in our bathrooms/restrooms.

Now every time I flush the toilet, i make it a point to close the lid. However, it made me wonder how much sanitization ensures that we are free from germs and I even thought to this extent that... are these really facts which can be believed or were they just used to promote certain sanitization products?? I couldn't really reach a conclusion.... Any useful suggestions on how to effectively sanitize?

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