Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finally I Did It!!!!

The day that I have been dreaming of is finally here... I have my own blog.
Welcome to my world - 'Sujana's World'!!!
A place where you can find loads of recipes along with the reviews of restaurants, books, places, etc.

The movie 'Julie & Julia', has been a major source of inspiration, behind this blog. I was so fascinated by the character 'Julie' in the movie. As soon as I finished watching the movie, I told my husband that even I wish to take up a challenge like Julie and start a blog, where I wish to post a recipe daily for 365 days. Its a humongous task... which I wish to achieve... This is my first step towards that...


  1. Finally my wife has the blog started...she bragged about it for a while now...I am happy to see the first baby step my wife has taken....challenge is now I need to do the things that i have been saying i will do....getting to gym

  2. Congrats Sujana!!! looking forward to learn more from this blog :)

  3. gr8!!! looking forward to your recipes :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Good initiative for
    -- Healthy food
    -- Body Fitness.
    Hope this blog is useful for future generations ...

  6. oho.....
    congrats...happy to see this....
    will check daily.... :-)

  7. Yeah Rahul, Plan aithey adey... 365 days - 365 recipes!!! Lets see, how far I reach :)

  8. Wow Great sujana. I ll try few at home once you complete :). All the besttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Only foodddddd ???????????? :)

  10. Hi Sujji,

    Nice to see ur OwnBlog....:)

    Will also post the recipes i know.....:)

  11. Hi Sujana,
    Just started looking to your blog. So far very nice recipes...., great job. I am very confident that you will achieve your goal very easily. All the best. When Mr.Mallu is behind you, no one can stop you :-).



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